North Cottage Creations

Specialist handmade and handcrafted wool, 
wood and pottery creations

If you are looking for specialist handmade and handcrafted wool, wood and pottery creations, you have found them.

Robert and Jacqueline Baker have a smallholding and love making things from their land, whether it be a knitted draught excluder or a dog lead, a table, stool or lamp or even a sculpture for the garden.
Robert and Jacqueline make one-off characterful creations for many years to add character to many a home and garden.Using wood from the coppice they planted and finds whilst walking, Robert works with the wood on the lathe or shave horse.

He has the skill and knowledge to allow the wood to retain it’s natural charm and beauty whilst performing a practical use. Wool from their rare, native flock of sheep is spun, knitted or woven, making entirely woollen dog leads which are strong pleasant to hold. Also, unusual yet practical items for the home from draught excluders to a foot pouffe, which are stuffed with wool and lavender, to ‘loopy animal’ door stops. The wildlife haven they have developed around them inspires Jacqueline in the pottery. You will find lizards appearing along with frogs and beetles on many a garden feature.

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